HQP video describes public health surveillance of asthma in Ontario

In a knowledge translation video prepared for AllerGen’s HQP Video Competition, AllerGen trainees Laura Feldman and Natasha Gray, in collaboration with their colleague Dresden Glockler-Lauf, provide an introduction to public health surveillance and describe how it is being used by the Ontario Asthma Surveillance Information System (OASIS) to monitor asthma in the province of Ontario.

The video also lists constructive uses to which health surveillance data can be put; for example, to facilitate the evaluation of treatment programs, the calculation of economic burden of disease, and the generation of research questions.

The three-minute video uses simple language and stop-motion animation with playful props to convey its information in a manner accessible to a lay audience.

The creators are based at The Hospital for Sick Children and supervised by AllerGen investigator Dr. Teresa To.

See the video below