“Direct breastfeeding seems most protective against asthma development”

An article in MD Magazine will help physicians use CHILD Study research on breastfeeding to provide better patient care.

The article highlights the finding, published in Journal of Pediatrics in November 2017, that direct breastfeeding in the first three months of life appears to provide more protection against childhood asthma than either infant formula or expressed breastmilk.

The magazine interviewed lead author AllerGen HQP Dr. Annika Klopp and Principal Investigator Dr. Meghan Azad.

Dr. Azad shared with the magazine her team’s hope that the study will guide “future research on the best ways to store and feed expressed milk, and that it will inform societal policies to protect, promote and support breastfeeding.”

MD Magazine provides physicians with “up-to-date specialty and disease-specific resources designed to help them provide better care to patients.”

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