AllerGen partner launches new anaphylaxis training course

AllerGen partner launches new anaphylaxis training course

Food Allergy Canada—the community-based advocacy, information, education and research organization and valued AllerGen partner—has launched a new online training course for parents and caregivers entitled: “Anaphylaxis in the Community: What Parents and Others Need to Know.” Developed with Leap Learning Technologies Inc. and in collaboration with the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, the new resource is available in English and French.


AllerGen provided research and evaluation support to the development of this learning module, the latest addition to a suite of online educational resources delivered through the “Allergy Aware” portal.

“We are excited to share this resource with the wider community, with a view to reaching more Canadians who can help respond in emergency situations,” said Laurie Harada, the organization’s Executive Director. “Knowledge about anaphylaxis management will help people minimize the potential for allergic reactions and respond appropriately with treatment.”

Read the Food Allergy Canada press release.