Governance and Management Structure


AllerGen is governed by an independent Board of Directors (BoD) committed to the vision and mission of the Network. Board Directors promote an atmosphere where research excellence and industrial expertise unite to produce socio-economic benefits for Canadians. The BoD is responsible for the overall governance of the Network and acts in accordance with the By-Laws of AllerGen NCE Inc.

The Scientific Director is appointed by the BoD to provide scientific leadership and strategic direction to the Network. The Scientific Director chairs the Research Management Committee (RMC) and is a voting member of the RMC and the BoD.

Committees reporting directly to the BoD include: the Budget and Audit Committee, the Executive and Nominating Committee and the International Scientific Excellence Advisory Committee.

Committees reporting directly to the RMC include: the Advanced Education and Training Opportunities Committee, and the Network-Supported Intellectual Property Advisory Committee.