The Personalized Medicine Revolution

Personalized Medicine RevolutionIn his new book “The Personalized Medicine Revolution: How Diagnosing and Treating Disease Are About to Change Forever” (Greystone Books), Dr. Pieter Cullis explains how healthcare tailored to each individual’s unique molecular makeup will cut costs, reduce adverse drug reactions, and improve our health and well-being.

“Personalized medicine,” also known as “precision medicine” or “molecular medicine,” is based on the idea that every ailment has its roots at the molecular level and that an appropriate molecular-level treatment can now be custom-made for each individual. Dr. Cullis argues that, enabled by recent advances in technology and new knowledge about human genomics and proteomics, personalized medicine represents the biggest revolution in healthcare of our time.

Dr. Cullis is a member of AllerGen’s Board of Directors and a renowned expert in personalized medicine. He is a professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the Director of the Life Sciences Institute at The University of British Columbia.

In March 2015, Dr. Cullis received the Milton Wong Award for Leadership from LifeSciences BC, a not-for-profit industry association that presents awards annually to recognize individuals and companies who have made a significant contribution to research and excellence in B.C.’s life sciences industry.