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The database below lists the refereed journal articles that have emerged from the Gene-Environment Interactions (GxE) Enabling Platform.

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Boulet LP , Prince P , Turcotte H , Lemière C, Olivenstein R, Laprise C, Larivee P , Bégin P, Laviolette M. 2006

Clinical features and airway inflammation in mild asthma versus asymptomatic airway hyperresponsiveness

Respiratory Medicine

Tebbutt SJ, Mercer GD, Do R, Tripp BW, Wong AW, Ruan J. 2006

Deoxynucleotides can replace dideoxynucleotides in minisequencing by arrayed primer extension


40 331-338
Walley DC, Tripp BW, Song YC, Walley KR, Tebbutt SJ. 2006

MACGT: multi-dimensional automated clustering genotyping tool for analysis of microarray-based mini-sequencing data


22 1147-1149
Hudson TJ. 2006

Skin barrier function and allergic risk

Nature Genetics

38 399-400
Kozyrskyj AL, Dahl ME , Ungar WJ, Becker AB, Law BJ. 2006

Antibiotic treatment of wheezing in children with asthma: what is the practice?


117 1104-1110
Podder M, Welch WJ, Zamar RH, Tebbutt SJ. 2006

Dynamic variable selection in SNP genotype autocalling from APEX microarray data

BMC Bioinformatics

7 521-532
Tremblay K, Lemire M, Provost V, Pastinen T, Renaud Y, Sandford AJ, Laviolette M, Hudson TJ, Laprise C. 2006

Association study between the CX3CR1 gene and asthma

Genes & Immunity

7 632-639
Pastinen T, Ge B, Hudson TJ 2006

Influence of human genome polymorphism on gene expression

Human Molecular Genetics

15 R9-R16
Song Y, Kawas E, Good B, Wilkinson MD, Tebbutt SJ. 2007

DataBiNS: a BioMoby-based data-mining workflow for biological pathways and non-synonymous SNPs


23 780-782
Tebbutt S, James A, Paré PD. 2007

Single-nucleotide polymorphisms and lung disease: clinical implications


131 <a href=
Bosse Y, Maghni K, Hudson T. 2007

1α,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D3 stimulation of bronchial smooth muscle cells induces autocrine, contractility and remodelling processes

Physiological Genomics

29 161-168
Dai JM, Kuo KH, Leo JM, Paré PD, van Breemen C, Lee CH. 2007

Acetylcholine-induced asynchronous calcium waves in intact human bronchial muscle bundle

American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology

36 <a href=
Liem J, Kozyrskyj A, Becker A. 2007

The risk of developing food allergy in premature/low birth weight children

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

119 1203-1209
Liem J, Kozyrskyj AL, Benoit CM, Becker AB. 2007

Asthma is not enough: Continuation of smoking among parents with an asthmatic child

Canadian Respiratory Journal

14 349-353
Schulze, JM, Wang AY,  Kobor MS 2009

YEATS domain proteins: a diverse family with many links to chromatin modification and transcription

Biochemicstry and Cell Biology

87(1) 65-75
Cox K, Al-Rawahi G, Kollmann TR 2009

Anaerobic brain abscess following chronic suppurative otitis media in a child from Uganda

Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases & Medical Microbiology

20(3) e91-e93
Kobor MS, Lorincz MC 2009

H2A.Z and DNA methylation: irreconcilable differences

Trends in Biochemical Sciences

34(4) 158-161
Akhtar U, McWinney R, Rastogi N, Scott JA, Evans GJ. 2010

Cytotoxic and pro-inflammatory effects of ambient and source related PM in relation to the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in human airway epithelial cells

Inhalation Toxicology

22 37-47
Moffatt MF, Gut IG, Demenais F, Strachan DP, Bouzigon EM, Heath S, von Mutius E, Farrall M, Lathrop M, Cookson W, Gabriel Consortium, including Daley D. 2010

A large-scale, consortium-based genomewide association study of asthma

New England Journal of Medicine

363 1211-1221
Carlsten C, Dybuncio A, Becker AB, Chan-Yeung M, Brauer M. 2011

Traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) and incident asthma in a high-risk birth cohort

Occupational and Environmental Medicine

68 291-295
Tan A, Tripp B, Daley D. 2011

BRISK – Research Oriented Storage Kit for Biology-Related Data


27 (17) 2422-2425
Debley J, Stanojevic S, Filbrum AG, Subbarao P. 2011

Bronchodilator Responsiveness in Wheezy Infants and Toddlers is not associated with Asthma Risk Factors

Pediatric Pulmonology

47 (5) 421-428
Carlsten C, Ferguson A, Dimich-Ward H, Chan H, DyBuncio A, Rousseau R, Becker A, Chan-Yeung M. 2011

Association between endotoxin and mite allergen exposure with asthma and specific sensitization at age 7 in high-risk children

Pediatric Allergy and Immunology

22 230-6
Akhabir L, Sandford AJ. 2011

Genome-wide association studies for discovery of genes involved in asthma


16(3) 396-406
Tebbutt SJ, He J -Q, Singh A, Shannon CP, Ruan J, Carlsten C. 2012

Transcriptional changes of blood eosinophils after methacholine inhalation challenge in asthmatics

Genomics Insights

5 1-12
Kerkhof M, Daley D, Postma DS, Park JE, Chan Yeung M, Wijga AH, Gehring U, de Jongste JC, Smit HA, Brunekreef B, van Schayck OCP, Becker A, Koppleman GH. 2012

Opposite effects of allergy prevention depending on CD14 rs2569190 genotype in 3 intervention studies

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

129 (1) 256-259
Kam SHY, Singh A, He J-Q, Ruan J, Gauvreau GM, O'Byrne PM, FitzGerald JM, Tebbutt SJ. 2012

Peripheral blood gene expression changes during allergen inhalation challenge in atopic asthmatic individuals

Journal of Asthma

1-8 (2012)
Levin AM, Mathias RA, Huang L, Roth LA, Daley D, Myers RA, Himes BE, Romieu I,Yang M, Eng C, Park JE, Zoratti K, Gignoux CR, Torgerson DG, Galanter JM, Huntsman S, Nguyen EA, Becker AB, Chan-Yeung M, Kozyrskyj AL, Kwok PY, Gilliland FD, Gauderman WJ, Bl 2012

A Meta-analysis of Genome-wide Association Studies for Serum Total lgE in Diverse Study Populations

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

131(4) 1176-1184
Daley D, Park JE, He JQ, Yan J, Akhabir L, Stefanowicz D, Becker AB, Chan-Yeung M, Bossé Y, Kozyrskyj AL, James AL, Musk AW, Laprise C, Hegele RG, Paré PD, Sandford AJ. 2012

Associations and Interactions of genetic polymorphisms in innate immunity genes with early viral infections and susceptibility to asthma and asthma-related phenotypes

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

130 (6) 1284-93
Campos Alberto E, Maclean E, Davidson C, Palikhe NS, Storie J, Tse C, Brenner D, Mayers I, Vliagoftis H, El-Sohemy A, Cameron L. 2012

The single nucleotide polymorphism CRTh2 rs533116 is associated with allergic asthma and increased expression of CRTh2


67 (11) 1357-64
Morin A, Brook JR, Duchaîne C, Laprise C. 2012

Association study of genes associated to asthma in a specific environment, in an asthma familial cohort located in a rural area influenced by different industries

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

9 (8)
Vaillancourt VT, Bordeleau M, Laviolette M, Laprise C. 2012

From expression pattern to genetic association in asthma related phenotypes

BMC Research Notes

13 (5) 630
Melén E, Granel Rl, Kogevinas M, Strachan D, Gonzalez JR, Wjst M, Jarvis D, Ege M, Braun-Fahrländer C, Genuneit J, Horak E, Bouzigon E, Demenais F, Kauffmann F, Siroux V, Michel S, von Berg A, Heinzmann A, Kabesch M, Probst-Hensch NM, Curjuric I, Imbode 2012

Genome-wide association study of body mass index in 23,000 individuals with and without asthma

Clinical & Experimental Allergy

Wang R, Henderson SB, Sbihi H, Allen RW, Brauer M. 2012

Temporal Stability of Land Use Regression Models for Traffic-Related Air Pollution

Atmospheric Environment

64 312-319
Singh A, Cohen Freue GV, Oosthuizen JL, Kam SHY, Ruan J, Takhar M, Gauvreau GM, O'Byrne PM, FitzGerald JM, Boulet L-P, Borchers CH, Tebbutt SJ. 2012

Plasma proteomics can discriminate isolated early from dual responses in asthmatic individuals undergoing an allergen inhalation challenge

Proteomics ? Clinical Applications

6(9-10) 476-485
Yamamoto M, Singh A, Ruan J, Gauvreau GM, O'Byrne PM, Carlsten C, FitzGerald JM, Boulet L-P, Tebbutt SJ. 2012

Decreased miR-192 expression in peripheral blood of asthmatic individuals undergoing an allergen inhalation challenge

BMC Genomics

13(1) 655
Carlsten C, Dimich-Ward H, DyBuncio A, Becker AB, Chan-Yeung M. 2012

Cotinine versus questionnaire: early life environmental tobacco smoke exposure and incident asthma

BMC Pediatric

12 187
Carlsten C, Melén E 2012

Air pollution, genetics, and allergy: an update

Current Opinion in Allergy and Clinical Immunology

12(5) 455-460
Pinkerton KE, Rom WN, Carsten C,Jaakkola JJK, Bayram H, Sigsgaard T, Elci MA, Costa DL 2013

Climate Change and Global Public Health

Türk Toraks Dergisi

14 115-22
Sbihi H, Brook JR, Allen RW, Curran J, Dell S, Mandhane P, Scott J, Sears MR, Subbarao P, Takaro T, Turvey SE, Wheeler A, Brauer M. 2013

A new exposure metric for traffic-related air pollution? An analysis of determinants of Hopanes in settled indoor house dust

Environmental Health

12 48
Konya T, Koster B, Maughan H, Escobar M, Azad MB, Guttman D, Sears MR, Becker AB, Brook JR, Takaro TK, Kozyrskyj AL, Scott JA. 2013

Associations between bacterial communities of house dust and infant gut

Environmental Research

131 25-30
Behbod B, Urch B, Speck M, Scott JA, Liu L, Poon R, Coull B, Schwartz J, Koutrakis P, Silverman F, Gold DR. 2013

Endotoxin in concentrated coarse and fine ambient particles induce acute aystemic inflammation in controlled human exposures

Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine

70 761-767
Bellavia A, Urch B, Speck M, Brook RD, Scott JA, Albetti B, Behbod B, North M, Bertazzi PA, Silverman F, Gold D, Baccarelli A. 2013

DNA Hypomethylation, Ambient Particulate Matter, and Increased Blood Pressure: Findings From Controlled Human Exposure Experiments

Journal of American Heart Association

Azad MB, Coneys JG, Kozyrskyj AL, Field CJ, Ramsey CD, Becker AB, Friesen C, Abou-Setta AM, Zarychanski R. 2013

Probiotic supplementation during pregnancy or infancy for the prevention of asthma and wheeze: systematic review and meta-analysis


Madore AM, Vaillancourt VT, Asai Y, Alizadehfar R, Ben-Shoshan M, Michel DL, Kozyrskyj AL, Becker AB, Chan-Yeung M, Clarke AE, Hull P, Daley D, Sandford AJ, Laprise C. 2013

HLA-DQB1*02 and DQB1*06:03P are associated with peanut allergy.

European Journal of Human Genetics

Propp P, Becker A. 2013

Prevention of asthma: where are we in the 21st century?

Expert Review of Clinical Immunology

9(12) 1267-1278
Brauer M, Reynolds C, Hystad P. 2013

Traffic related air pollution and health in Canada

Canadian Medical Association Journal

185(18) 1557-8
Knox A, Mykhaylova N, Evans G, Lee CJ, Kamey, Brook JR. 2013

The expanding scope of air pollution monitoring can facilitate sustainable development

Science of the Total Environment

448 189-196
MacIntyre EA, Carlsten C, MacNutt M, Fuertes E, Melén E, Tiesler CM, Gehring U, Krämer U, Klümper C, Kerkhof M, Chan-Yeung M, Kozyrskyj AL, Berdel D, Bauer CP, Herbarth O, Bauer M, Schaaf B, Koletzko S, Pershagen G, Brunekreef B, Heinrich J, Brauer M. 2013

Traffic, Asthma and Genetics: combining international birth cohort data to examine genetics as a mediator of traffic-related air pollution

European Journal of Epidemiology

28(7) 597-606
Hsu K, Turvey S. 2013

Functional analysis of the impact of ORMDL3 expression on inflammation and activation of the unfolded protein response in human airway epithelial cells

Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology

9 (4)
Ali S, Hirschfeld AF, Mayer ML, Fortuno ES, Corbett N, Schneiderman J, Fjell CD, Hsu K, Marr N, Yan J Akhabir L, Aminuddin F, Lacaze-Masmonteil T, Hegele RG, Becker A, Chan-Yeung M, Hancock REW, Kollmann TR, Daley D, Sandford AJ, Lavoie PM, Turvey SE 2013

Functional genetic variation in NFKBIA and susceptibility to childhood asthma, bronchiolitis and bronchopulmonary dysplasia

The Journal of Immunology

190 (8) 3949-58
Tischer CG, Gref A, Bauer M, Bergström A, Brauer M, Carlsten C, Gehring U, Granell R, Henderson J, Kerkhof M, MacNutt M, Melén E, Standl M, Wickmann M, Heinrich J. 2013

Glutathione-S-Transferase (GST) P1, Early Exposure to Mould and Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis in Children from 6 Birth Cohorts. A Meta-Analysis


68 339-346
Fuertes E, Brauer M, MacIntyre E, 2013

Childhood allergic rhinitis, traffic-related air pollution, and variability in the GSTP1, TNF, TLR2, and TLR4 genes: Results from the TAG Study

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

132 (2) 342-352
Carlsten C, Dimich-Ward H, Ferguson A, Watson W, Rousseau R, Dybuncio A, Becker AB, Chan-Yeung M. 2013

Atopic dermatitis in a high-risk cohort: natural history, associated allergic outcomes, and risk factors

Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

110(2013) 24-28
Wadsworth SJ, Sandford AJ. 2013

Personalized medicine and asthma diagnostics/management

Current Allergy and Asthma Reports

13(1) 118-129
Kozyrskyj AL, Pawlowski AN. 2013

Maternal Distress and Childhood Wheeze: Mechanisms and Context

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

187 (11) 1160-1162
Carlsten C, Oron AP,  Curtiss H, Jarvis S, Daniell W, Kaufman JD 2013

Symptoms in response to controlled diesel exhaust more closely reflect exposure perception than true exposure

Plos One

8(12) 5 pages
Fuertes E, Standl M, Cyrys J, Berdel D, von Berg A, Bauer CP, Krämer U, Sugiri D, Lehmann I, Koletzko S, Carlsten C, Brauer M, Heinrich J 2013

A longitudinal analysis of associations between traffic-related air pollution with asthma, allergies and sensitization in the GINIplus and LISAplus birth cohorts


1 e193
North ML, Takaro TK, Diamond ML, Ellis AK 2014

Effects of phthalates on the development and expression of allergic disease and asthma

Annals of  Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

112(6) 496-502
Soliman M, North ML, Steacy LM, Thiele J, Adams DE, Ellis AK 2014

Nasal allergen challenge studies of allergic rhinitis: a guide for the practicing clinician

Annals of  Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

113(3) 250-6
Biagioni B, Pui M, Fung E, Wong SW, Hosseini A, Dybuncio A, Alexis NE, Carlsten C. 2014

Sputum Adiponectin as a Marker for Western Red Cedar Asthma

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

134(6) 1446-1448
Akhtar US, Rastogi N, McWhinney RD, Urch B, Chow C-W, Evans GJ, Scott JA. 2014

The combined effects of physicochemical properties of size-fractionated ambient particulate matter on in vitro toxicity in human A549 lung epithelial cells

Toxicology Reports

1 145-156
MacIntyre EA, Brauer M, Melén, Bauer CP, Bauer M, Berdel D, Bergström, Brenekreef B, Chan-Yeung M, Klṻmper C, Fuertes E, Gehring U, Gref A, Heinrich J, Herbarth O, Kerkhof M, Koppelman GH, Kozyrskyj AL, Pershagen G, Postma DS, Thiering E, Tiesler CMT, 2014

GSTP1 and TNF Gene Variants and Associations between Air Pollution and Incident Childhood Asthma: The Traffic, Asthma and Genetics (TAG) Study

Environmental Health Perspectives

122(4) 418-424
Konya T, Scott JA. 2014

Recent advances on the microbiology of the built environment

Current Sustainable/ Renewable Energy Reports

1 35-42
Carlsten C, Brauer M, Brinkman F, Brook J, Daley D, McNagny K, Pui M, Royce D, Takaro T, Denburg D. 2014

Genes, the environment and personalized medicine

EMBO Reports

Singh A, Yamamoto M, Ruan J, Young Choi J, Gauvreau GM, Olek S, Hoffmueller U, Carlsten C, FitzGerald JM, Boulet L-P, O'Byrne PM, Tebbutt SJ. 2014

Th17/Treg ratio derived using DNA methylation analysis is associated with the late phase asthmatic response

Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology

10 32-41
Bousquet Jean , MDemail, James E. Gern, MD, Fernando D. Martinez, MD, Josep M. Anto, MD, PhD, Christine C. Johnson, PhD, MPH, Patrick G. Holt, ScD, Robert F. Lemanske Jr., MD, Peter N. Le Souëf, MD, Robert S. Tepper, MD, PhD, Erika R.M. von Mutius, MD, M 2014

Birth cohorts in asthma and allergic diseases: Report of a NIAID/NHLBI/MeDALL joint workshop

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

133(6) 1535-46
Jiang R, Jones MJ, Sava F, Kobor MS, Carlsten C. 2014

Short-term diesel exhaust inhalation in a controlled human crossover study is associated with changes in DNA methylation of circulating mononuclear cells in asthmatics

Particle and Fibre Toxicology

The AL, Pan H, Chen L, Ong M-L, Dogra S, Wong J, MacIsaac J, Mah SM, McEwen LM, Saw S-M, Godrey KM, Chong Y-S, Kwek K, Kwoh C-K, Soh S-E, Chong MFF, Barton S, Karnani N, Cheong CY, Buschdorf JP, Stünkel W, Kobor MS, Meaney MJ, Gluckman PD, Holbrook JD. 2014

The effect of genotype and in utero environment on interindividual variation in neonate DNA methylomes

Genome Research

Giles LV, Brandenburg JP, Carlsten C, Koehle MS. 2014

Physiological Responses to Diesel Exhaust Exposure are Modified by Cycling Intensity

Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise

46(10) 1999-2006
Alexis NE, Carlsten C. 2014

Interplay of Air Pollution and Asthma Immunopathogenesis: a focused review of diesel exhaust and ozone

International Immunopharmacology

23(1) 347-355
North ML, Alexis NE, Ellis AK, Carlsten C 2014

How Doctors Learn: Inside Story on Continuing Medical Education (CME) About Air Pollution and Asthma

Asthma Allergies Children: a parent’s guide

Elaine Fuertes,Barbara K. Butland, H. Ross Anderson, Chris Carlsten, David P. Strachan, Michael Brauer, the ISAAC Phase Three Study Group 2014

Childhood intermittent and persistent rhinitis prevalence and climate and vegetation: a global ecological analysis

Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

113(4) 386-392
Hirota JA, Alexis NE, Pui M, Wong S, Fung E, Hansbro P, Knight DA, Sin DD, Carlsten C 2014

PM10-stimulated airway epithelial cells activate primary human dendritic cells independent of uric acid: Application of an in vitro model system exposing dendritic cells to airway epithelial cell-conditioned media


19(6) 881-890
Carlsten C, Georas SN. 2014

Update in environmental and occupational lung diseases 2013

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

189(9) 1037-1043
Carlsten C, Blomberg A, Pui M, Sandstrom T, Wong SW, Alexis N, Hirota J. 2015

Diesel Exhaust Augments Allergen-Induced Lower Airway Inflammation in Allergic Individuals: A Controlled Human Exposure Study


Gold MJ, Hiebert PR, Park HY, Stefanowicz D, Le A, Starkey MR, Deane A, Brown AC, Liu G, Ibrahim ZA, Sukkar MB, Hansbro PM, Carlsten C, VanEeden S, Sin DD, McNagny KM, Knight DA, Hirota JA. 2015

Mucosal Production of Uric Acid by Airway Epithelial Cells Contributes to Particulate Matter-Induced Allergic Sensitization. Mucosal Immunology

Mucosal Immunology

Carlsten C. 2015

Air pollution and children’s respiratory health

Canadian Respiratory Journal

22(5) 256
Hirota, JA, Marchant, DJ, Singhera, GK, Moheimani, F, Dorscheid, DR, Carlsten, C, Sin, D, Knight, D. 2015

Urban particulate matter increases human airway epithelial cell IL-1β secretion following scratch wounding and H1N1 influenza A exposure in vitro

Experimental Lung Research

Hirota JA, Carlsten C, Sadatsafavi M, Kaplan G, Hirota SA. 2015

Airway disease and inflammatory bowel disease: is it something in the air (pollution)?

European Respiratory Journal

46(1) 287-288
Saini A, Okeme JO, Goosey E, Diamond ML. 2015

Calibration of two passive air samplers for monitoring phthalates and halogenated flame retardants in indoor air


137 166-173
Zhong J, Urch B, Speck M, Coull B, Koutrakis P, Thorne PS, Scott J, Liu L, Brook RD, Behbod B, Gibson H, Silverman F, Mittleman MA, Baccarelli AA, Gold GR. 2015

Endotoxin and β-1, 3-D-Glucan in concentrated ambient particles induce rapid increase in blood pressure in controlled human exposures


66 509-516
Liu L, Urch B, Poon R, Szyszkowicz M, Speck M, Gold DR, Wheeler AJ, Scott JA, Brook JR, Thorne PS, Silverman F. 2015

Effects of ambient coarse, fine and ultrafine particles and their biological constituents on systemic biomarkers: a controlled human exposure study

Environmental Health Perspectives

123(6) 534-540
Koleva PT, Kim J-S, Scott JA, Kozyrskyj AL. 2015

Microbial programming of health and disease starts during fetal life

Birth Defects Research Part C

105(4) 265-277
Jiang R, Jones MJ, Chen E, Neumann SM, Fraser HB, Miller GE, Kobor MS. 2015

Discordance of DNA Methylation Variance Between two Accessible Human Tissues

Scientific Reports

North ML, Soliman M, Walker T, Steacy LM, Ellis AK 2015

Controlled Allergen Challenge Facilities and their Unique Contributions to Allergic Rhinitis Research

Current Allergy and Asthma Reports

Letourneau N, Tryphonopoulos P, Giesbrecth G, Dennis C, Bhogal S, Watson B 2015

Narrative and meta-analytic review of interventions aiming to improve maternal-child attachment security

Infant Mental Health Journal

36 366-87
Fuertes E, Söderhäll C, Acevedo N,Becker A, Brauer M, Chan-Yeaung M,Dijk FN, Heinrich J, de Jongste J,Koppelman GH, Postma DS, Kere J,Kozyrskyj AL, Pershagen G, Sandford A, Standl M, Tiesler CMT, Waldenberger M, Westman M, Carlsten C, Melén E 2015

Associations between the 17q21 region and allergic rhinitis in five birth cohorts

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

135(2) 573-576-.e5
Hirota JA, Gold MJ,Hiebert PR, Parkinson LG, Wee T, Smith D, Hansbro PM, Carlsten C,VanEeden S, Sin DD, McNagny KM, Knight DA 2015

The nucleotide-binding domain, leucine-rich repeat protein 3 inflammasome/IL-1 receptor I axis mediates innate, but not adaptive, immune responses after exposure to particulate matter under 10 um

American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology

52(1) 96-105
Giallo R, Bahreinian S, Brown S, Cooklin A, Kingston D, Kozyrskyj A 2015

Maternal depressive symptoms across early childhood and asthma in school children: Findings from a longitudinal Australian population based study

PLoS One

Hosseini A, Hirota JA, Hackett TL, McNagny KM, Wilson SJ, Carlsten C. 2016

Morphometric analysis of inflammation in bronchial biopsies following exposure to inhaled diesel exhaust and allergen challenge in atopic subjects

Particle and Fibre Toxicology

Kozyrskyj AL, Kalu R, Koleva, PT, Bridgman SL 2016

Fetal programming of overweight through the microbiome: boys are disproportionately affected

Journal Developmental Origins Health and Disease

7(1) 25-34
Biagioni BJ, Tam S, Chen YR, Sin DD, Carlsten C 2016

Effect of controlled human exposure to diesel exhaust and allergen on airway surfactant protein D, myeloperoxidase, and club (Clara) cell secretory protein 16

Clinical & Experimental Allergy

Alton ME, Zeng Y, Tough SC, Mandhane PJ, Kozyrskyj AL 2016

Postpartum depression, a direct and mediating risk factor for preschool wheeze in girls

Pediatric Pulmonology

51(4) 349-357
Pakpour S, Scott JA, Turvey SE, Brook JR, Takaro TK, Sears MR, Klironomos J 2016

Presence of Archaea in the indoor environment and their relationships with housing characteristics

Microbial Ecology

Rider CF, Yamamoto M, Gunther OP, Hirota JH, Singh A, Tebbutt SJ, Carlsten C 2016

Controlled diesel exhaust and allergen co-exposure modulates miRNA and gene expression in humans: Effects on inflammatory lung markers

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Saini A, Rauert C, Simpson MJ, Harrad S, Diamond ML 2016

Characterizing the sorption of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) to cotton and polyester fabrics under controlled conditions

Science of the Total Environment

563-564 99-107
Clifford R, Meaghan J, MacIsaac J, McEwen L, Goodman S, Mostafavi S, Kobor M, Carlsten C 2016

Inhalation of diesel exhaust and allergen alters human bronchial epithelium DNA methylation

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Okeme J, Parnis JM, Poole JM, Diamond ML, Jantunen L 2016

Polydimethylsiloxane-air partition coefficients for semi-volatile organic compounds by GC-based measurement and COSMO-RS estimation with an oligomeric model: Rapid measurements and accurate modelling


156 204-211
Koestler DC, Jones MJ, Usset J, Christensen BC, Butler RA, Kobor MS, Wiencke JK, Kelsey KT 2016

Improving Cell Mixture Deconvolution by Identifying Optimal DNA methylation Libraries (IDOL)

BMC Bioinformatics

17 120
Fuertes E, Markevych I, Bowatte G, Gruzieva O, Gehring U, Becker A, Berdel D, Von Berg A, Bergström A, Brauer M, Brunekreef B, Brüske I, Carlsten C, Chan-Yeung M, Dharmage SC, Hoffmann B, Klümper C, Koppelman GH, Kozyrskyj A, Korek M, Kull I, Lodge C, 2016

Residential greenness is differentially associated with childhood allergic rhinitis and aeroallergen sensitization in seven birth cohorts


Okeme J, Saini A, Yang C, Jantunen L, Zhu J, Smedes F, Klànovà J, Diamond ML 2016

Calibration of polydimethylsiloxane and XAD-Pocket passive air samplers (PAS) for measuring gas- and particle-phase SVOCs

Atmospheric Environment

143 202-208
Saini A, Okeme J, Parnis JM, McQueen RH, Diamond ML 2016

From air to clothing: characterizing the accumulation of semi-volatile organic compounds to fabrics in indoor environments

Indoor Air

Saini A, Thaysen C, Jauntnen L, McQueen RH, Diamond ML 2016

From Clothing to Laundry Water: Investigating the Fate of Phthalates, Brominated Flame Retardants, and Organophosphate Esters

Environmental Science & Technology

50(17) 9289–97