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The database below lists the refereed journal articles that have emerged from the Canadian Food Allergy Strategic Team (CanFAST) Legacy Project.

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Jiménez-Saiz R, Chu DK, Mandur TS, Walker TD, Gordon ME, Chaudhary R, Koenig J, Saliba S, Galipeau HJ, Utley A, King IL, Lee K, Ettinger R, Waserman S, Kolbeck R, Jordana M. 2017

Lifelong memory responses perpetuate humoral TH2 immunity and anaphylaxis in patients with food allergy

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Dhuban KB, d’Hennezel E, Nagai Y, Xiao Y, Shao S, Istomine R, Alvarez F, Ben-Shoshan M, Ochs H, Mazer B, Li B, Sekine C, Berezov A, Hancock W, Torgerson TR, Greene MI, Piccirillo CA. 2017

Suppression by human FOXP3+ regulatory T cells requires FOXP3-TIP60 interactions

Science Immunology

O'Keefe A, Clarke A, St. Pierre Y, Mill J, Asai Y, Eisman H, La Vieille S, Alizadehfar R, Joseph L, Morris J, Graveli J, Ben-Shoshan M 2017

The risk of recurrent anaphylaxis

The Journal of Pediatrics

Dixon J, Elliott SJ, Clarke AE 2016

Exploring knowledge-user experiences in integrated knowledge translation: A biomedical investigation of the causes and consequences of food allergy

BMC Research Involvement and Engagement

Alexandra S. Olarnyk , Susan J. Elliott 2016

“You’re Totally on Your Own”: Experiences of Food Allergy on a Canadian University Campus

Universal Journal of Public Health

Dawicki W, Li C, Town J, Zhang X, Gordon JR 2016

Therapeutic reversal of food allergen sensitivity by mature retinoic acid-differentiated dendritic cell induction of LAG3+CD49b-Foxp3- regulatory T cells

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Lee AYM, Enarson P, Clarke AE, La Vieille S, Eisman H, Chan ES, Mill C, Joseph L, Ben-Shoshan M. 2016

Anaphylaxis across two Canadian pediatric centres: evaluating management disparities

Journal of Asthma and Allergy

Cherkaoui S, Bégin P, Paradis L, Paradis J, Des Roches A. 2016

Powder milk: a User-Friendly and Safe Product for Heated-Milk Food Challenge?

Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology

Graham F, Bégin P, Paradis L, Lacombe J, Paradis J, Des Roches A 2016

Comparison of ImmunoCAP and Immulite serum specific IgE assays for the assessment of egg allergy

Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology

Hochstadter E, Clarke A, De Schryver S, LaVieille S, Alizadehfar R, Joseph L, Eisman H, Ben-Shoshan M 2016

Increasing visits for anaphylaxis and the benefits of early epinephrine administration: A 4-year study at a pediatric emergency department in Montreal, Canada

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Marchisotto MJ, Harada L, Blumenstock JA, Bilaver LA, Waserman S, Sicherer S, Boloh Y, Regent L, Said M, Schnadt S, Allen KJ, Maurao A, Taylor SL, Gupta RS. 2016

Global perceptions of food allergy thresholds in 16 countries


Bégin P, Graham F, Killer K, Paradis J, Paradis L, Des Roches A. 2016

Introduction of peanuts in younger siblings of children with peanut allergy: a prospective, double-blinded assessment of risk, of diagnostic tests, and an analysis of patient preferences


Ben-Shoshan M, Soller L, Harrington DW, Knoll M, La Vieille S, Fragapane J, Joseph L, St. Pierre Y, Wilson K, Elliott SJ, Clarke AE 2015

Eczema in early childhood, sociodemographic factors and life style habits are associated with food allergy: a nested  case-control study

International Archives of Allergy and Immunology

Dean J, Fenton NE, Shannon S, Elliott SJ, Clarke A 2015

Disclosing food allergy status in schools: health-related stigma among school children in Ontario

Health & Social Care in the Community

Kimchi N, Clarke AE, Moisan J, Lachaine C, La Vieille S, Asai Y, Joseph L, Mill C, Ben-Shoshan M. 2015

Anaphylaxis Cases Presenting to Primary Care Paramedics in Quebec

Immunity, Inflammation and Disease

De Schryver S, Halbrich M, Clarke A, La Vieille, Eisman H, Alizadehfar R, Joseph L, Morris J, Ben-Shoshan M. 2015

Tryptase Levels in Children Presenting with Anaphylaxis: temporal trends and associated factors

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Harrington D, Elliott SJ. 2015

Understanding emerging environmental health risks: A framework for responding to the unknown

The Canadian Geographer

Tunis M, Carson K, Dawod B, Marshall JS. 2015

Toll-like receptor 2 activators modulate oral tolerance in mice

Clinical & Experimental Allergy

Bégin P, Schulze J, Baron U, Olek S, Passerini L, Bauer RN, Baccheta R, Nadeau KC. 2015

Human in vitro induced T regulatory and memory T cells share common demethylation of specific FOXP3 promoter region

Clinical and Translational Allergy

Graham F, Bégin P, Paradis L, Des Roches A. 2015

Prenatal and/or breastfeeding food exposures and risk of food allergies in offspring

Current Nutrition Reports