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North ML, Meurs H, Zaagsma J, Scott JA, and Maarsingh H. 2010

Arginase in asthma – recent developments in animal and human studies

The Open Nitric Oxide Journal

Forsythe P, Sudo N, Dinan T, Taylor VH, Bienestock J. 2010

Mood and gut feelings

Brain, Behaviour, and Immunity

Sheth SS, Waserman S, Kagan R, Alizadehfar R, Primeau MN, Elliot S, St Pierre Y, Wickett R, Joseph L, Harada L, Dufresne C, Allen M, Allen M, Godefroy SB, Clarke AE 2010

Role of food labels in accidental exposures in food allergic individuals in Canada

Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Zavitz C, Gordon J, Gaschler C, Bauer MT, Fraser KM, Hogaboam CM, Stampfli MR. 2010

Dysregulated MIP-2 expression drives illness in bacterial superinfection of influenza

The Journal of Immunology

Arias K, Waserman S, Jordana M. 2009

Management of food-induced anaphylaxis: unsolved challenges

Current Clinical Pharmacology

Cicutto L, Julien B, Butler J, Clarke AE, Elliot S, Harada L, McGhan S, Stark D, van der Leek T, Waserman S. 2009

A Comparative Analysis of Canadian School Board Anaphylaxis Management Policies

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Ben-Shoshan M, Harrington DW, Sicherer SH, Fragapane J, Soller L, Joseph L, St. Pierre Y, Cantin I, Elliot SJ, Clarke AE. 2009

Comparing the Prevalence of Severe Food Allergies between Canada and the US

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Harrington D, Ben-Shoshan M, Sheth S, Godefroy SB, Fragapane J, Soller L, Clark AE, Elliott S. 2009

Precautionary statements on packaged foods in Canada: perspectives and purchasing behaviours of allergic and nonallergic consumers

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Allaverdian S, Wang A, Singhera GK, Wong BW, Dorscheid DR. 2009

Sialyl Lewis X modification of the epidermal growth factor receptor regulates function during airway epithelial wound repair

Clinical & Experimental Allergy

Mookherjee N, Hamill P, Gardy J, Blimkie D, Falsafi R, Chikatamarla A, Arenillas DJ, Doria S, Kollmann TR, Hancock REW. 2009

Systems biology evaluation of immune responses induced by human host defence peptide LL-37 in mononuclear cells

Molecular Biosystems

Mathison R. 2009

Submandibular salivary gland endocrine secretions and systemic pathophysiological responses

The Open Inflammation Journal

He JQ, Hallstrand TS, Knight D, Chan-Yeung M, Sandford A 2009

A thymic stromal lymphopoietin gene variant is associated with asthma and airway hyperresponsiveness

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Caulfield T. 2009

Direct-to-Consumer Genetics and Health Policy: A Worst-Case Scenario?

American Journal of Bioethics

Caulfield T, Kaye J. 2009

Broad Consent in Biobanking: Reflections on Seemingly Insurmountable Dilemmas

Medical Law International

Caulfield T, Weijer C. 2009

Minimal Risk and Large-Scale Biobank and Cohort Research

Health Law Review

Arias K, Baig M, Colangelo M, Chu D, Waserman S, et al. 2009

Concurrent blockade of platelet-activating factor and histamine prevents life-threatening peanut-induced anaphylactic reactions

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Kastner M, Harada L, Waserman S. 2009

Gaps in anaphylaxis management at the level of physicians, patients, and the community: a systematic review of the literature


Bennett J, Blanchet M, Zhao L, Zbytnuik L, Antignano F, Gold M, Kubes P, McNagny K. 2009

Bone marrow derived mast cells accumulate in the CNS during inflammation but are dispensable for EAE pathogenesis

The Journal of Immunology

Maltby S, Khazaie K, McNagny K. 2009

Mast cells in tumor growth: angiogenesis, tissue remodeling and immune-modulation

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) – Reviews on Cancer

Ozias-Akins P, Ramos ML, Faustinelli P, Chu Y, Maleki S, Thelen JJ, Huntley J,Arias K, Jordana M 2009

Spontaneous and induced variability of allergens in commodity crops: Ara h 2 in peanut as a case study

Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology

Saude EJ, Obiefuna IP, Somorjai RL, Ajamian F, Skappak C, Ahmad T, Dolenko BK, Sykes BD, Moqbel R, Adamko DJ. 2009

Metabolomic biomarkers in an animal model of asthma: urine nuclear magnetic resonance

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Allakhverdi Z, Comeau MR, Smith DE, Toy D, Mfuna Endam L, Desrosier L, Liu Y-J, Howie KJ, Denburg JA, Gauvreau GM, Delespesse G. 2009

CD34+ hemopoietic precursor cells are potent effectors of allergic inflammation

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Pole JD, Mustard CA, To T, Beyene J, Allen AC. 2009

Antenatal steroid therapy for fetal lung maturation: is there an association with childhood asthma?

Journal of Asthma

Van Lieshout RJ, Bienenstock J, MacQueen GM. 2009

A review of candidate pathways underlying the association between asthma and major depressive disorder

Psychosomatic Medicine

Loeffler DL, Smolen K, Aplin L, Cai B, Kollmann TR. 2009

Fine-tuning the safety and immunogenicity of Listeria monocytogenes-based neonatal vaccine platforms


O’Byrne PM, Gauvreau GM, Brannan JD 2009

Provoked models of asthma: What have we learnt?

Clinical & Experimental Allergy

Karimi, K, Inman MS, Bienenstock J, Forsythe P. 2009

Lactobacillus re-uterine induced regulatory T cells protect against an allergic airway response in mice

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Haddon DJ, Hughes MR, Antignano F, Westaway D, Cashman NR, McNagny KM. 2009

Expression profiling identifies PrP as a mast cell membrane protein released upon cell activation

Journal of Infectious Disease

Kozyrskyj AL, Hayglass KT, Sandford AJ, Paré PD, Chan-Yeung M, Becker AB. 2009

A novel study design to investigate the early-life origins of asthma in children (SAGE study)


Cope SF, Ungar WJ, Glazier RH. 2009

International differences in asthma guidelines for children

International Archives of Allergy and Immunology

Morris KE, St. Laurent CD, Hoeve RS, Forsythe P, Mathsion R, Suresh M, Befus AD. 2009

Autonomic nervous system regulates secretion of anti-inflammatory prohormone SMR1 from rat salivary glands

American Journal of Physiology – Cell Physiology

Nielsen JS, McNagny KM. 2009

Novel functions of the CD34 family

Journal of Cell Science

Brook RD, Urch B, Dvonch JT, Bard RL, Speck M, Keeler G, Morishita M, Marsik FJ, Kamil AS, Kaciroti N, Harkema J, Corey P, Silverman F, Gold D, Wellenius G, Mittleman MA, Rajagopalan S, Brook JR. 2009

Insights into the mechanisms and mediators of the effects of air pollution exposure on blood pressure and vascular function in healthy humans


Al-Garawi A, Fattouh R, Walker T, Jamula E, Botelho F, Goncharova S, Reed J, Stampfli M, O'Byrne P, Coyle A, Jordana M. 2009

Acute, but not resolved, influenza A infection enhances susceptibility to house dust mite-induced allergic disease

The Journal of Immunology

Mookherjee N, Hamill P, Gardy J, Blimkie D, Falsafi R, Chikatamarla A, Arenillas DJ, Doria S, Kollmann TR, Hancock REW. 2009

Evaluation of defence peptide LL-37-induced responses in mononuclear cells employing systems biology

Molecular Biosystems

North ML, Khanna N, Marsden PA, Grasemann H,Scott JA. 2009

Functionally important role for arginase 1 in the airways hyperresponsiveness of asthma

American Journal of Physiological – Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology

Allakhverdieva Z, Comreau MR, Jessup HP, Delepesse G. 2009

TSLP as a mediator of crosstalk between bronchial smooth muscles and mast cells

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Ben-Shoshan M, Kagan R, Primeau M, Alizadehfar R, Verreault N, Yu J, Nicolas N, Joseph L, Turnbull E, Dufresne C, St Pierre Y, Clarke AE. 2009

Is the prevalence of peanut allergy pncreasing? A five-year follow-up study on the prevalence of peanut allergy in Montreal school children aged 5-9 years

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Sheth SS, Waserman S, Kagan R, Alizadehfar R, Primeau MN, Elliot S, St Pierre Y, Wickett R, Joseph L, Harada L, Dufresne C, Allen M, Allen M, Godefroy SB, Clarke AE. 2009

Accidental exposure to peanut in children with peanut allergy

Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Subbarao P, Becker A, Brook JR, Daley D, Mandhane PJ, Miller GE, Turvey SE, Sears MR on behalf of the CHILD Study Investigators. 2009

Epidemiology of asthma: risk factors for development

Expert Review of Clinical Immunology

Hackett TL, Warner SM, Stefanowicz D, Shaheen F, Pechkovsky DV, Murray LA, Argentieri R, Kicic A, Stick SM, Bai TR, Knight DA 2009

Induction of epithelial-mesenchymal transition in primary airway epithelial cells from asthmatic patients by TGF β1

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Subbarao P, Mandhane PJ, Sears MR. 2009

Asthma: epidemiology, etiology and risk factors

Canadian Medical Association Journal

Tewfik MA, Bossé Y, Lemire M, Hudson TJ, Vallée-Smejda S, Al-Shemari H, Laprise C, Desrosiers M. 2009

Polymorphisms in interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4 are associated with total serum IgE


Daley D, Lemire M, Akhabir L, Chan-Yeung M, He JQ, McDonald T, Sandford A, Stefanowicz D, Tripp B, Zamar D, Bosse Y, Ferretti V, Montpetit A, Tessier MC, Becker A, Kozyrskyj AL, Beilby J, McCaskie PA, Musk B, Warrington N, James A, Laprise C, Palmer LJ, P 2009

Analyses of associations with asthma in four asthma population samples from Canada and Australia

Human Genetics

Bennett J, Blanchet M, Zhao L, Zbytnuik L, Antignano F, Gold M, Kubes P, McNagny K. 2009

Bone marrow derived mast cells accumulate in the CNS during inflammation but are dispensable for EAE pathogenesis

The Journal of Immunology

Sausenthal S, Rzehak P, Chen CM, Arck P, Bockelbrink A, Schafer T. Schaaf B, Borte M, Herbarth O, Kramer U, von Berg A, Wichmann HE, Heinrich J. 2009

Stress-related maternal factors during pregnancy in relation to childhood eczema: results fro the LISA Study

Journal of Investigative Allergology and Clinical Immunology

Zhang J, Daley D, Akhabir L, Stefanowicz D, Chan-Yeung M, Becker AB, Laprise C, Paré PD, Sandford AJ. 2009

Lack of association of TIM3 polymorphisms and allergic phenotypes

BMC Medical Genetics

Davis BE, Illamperuma C, Gauvreau GM, Watson RM, O'Byrne PM, Deschesnes F, Boulet LP, Cockcroft DW. 2009

Single dose desloratadine and montelukast and allergen-induced late airway responses

European Respiratory Journal

Arck P, Handjiski B, Hagen E, Pincus M, Bruenahl C, Bienenstock J, Paus R. 2009

Is there a "gut-brain-skin axis"?

Experimental Dermatology

Zamar D, Tripp B, Ellis G, Daley D. 2009

Path: a tool to facilitate pathway-based genetic association analysis


Haddon DJ, Antignano F, Hughes MR, Blanchet M-R, Zbytnuik L, Krystal G, McNagny KM. 2009

SHIP1 is a repressor of mast cell hyperplasia, cytokine production, and allergic inflammation in vivo

The Journal of Immunology

Boulet L-P, Lemière C, Gauvreau GM, Olivenstein R, Lougheed D, Paradis B, O’Byrne P, Pageau R, Renzi PM. 2009

Safety, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of TPI 1020 in smokers with asthma

Respiratory Medicine

O'Byrne PM, Gauvreau G. 2009

Phosphodiesterase-4 inhibition in COPD

The Lancet

Bousquet J, Bachert C, Canonica GW, Casale TB, Cruz AA Lockey RJ, Zuberbier T. 2009

Unmet needs in severe chronic upper airway disease (SCUAD)

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Schulze, JM, Wang AY,  Kobor MS 2009

YEATS domain proteins: a diverse family with many links to chromatin modification and transcription

Biochemicstry and Cell Biology

Miller GE, Chen, E, Fok AK, Walker H, Lim A, Nicholla EF, Cole S, Kobor MS. 2009

Low early-life social class leaves a biological residue manifested by decreased glucocorticoid and increased proinflammatory signaling

Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Cox K, Al-Rawahi G, Kollmann TR 2009

Anaerobic brain abscess following chronic suppurative otitis media in a child from Uganda

Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases & Medical Microbiology

Haddon DJ, Hughes MR, Antignano F, Westaway D, Cashman NR, McNagny K 2009

Prion protein expression and release by mast cells after activation

The Journal of Infectious Diseases

Kobor MS, Lorincz MC 2009

H2A.Z and DNA methylation: irreconcilable differences

Trends in Biochemical Sciences

Gauvreau GM, Ellis AK, Denburg JA. 2009

Haemopoietic processes in allergic disease: eosinophil/basophil development

Clinical & Experimental Allergy

Ebbeson RL, De Kock MJ, Penny JN, Kollmann TR. 2009

Rhabdomyolysis, Acute Renal Failure, and Compartment Syndrome in A Child With Parainfluenza Type 1 Infection

The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal

O'Byrne PM, Gauvreau GM, Murphy DM 2009

Efficacy of leukotriene receptor antagonists and synthesis inhibitors in asthma

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Bossé Y, Lemire M, Daley D, White JH, Becker A, Paré PD, Laprise C, Hudson TJ 2009

Asthma and genes encoding components of the vitamin D pathway

Respiratory Research

Kollmann TR, Crabtree J, Rein-Weston A, Blimkie D, Thomai A, Wang X, Furlong J, Fortuno III ES, Hajjar AM, Hawkins N, Self S, Wilson CB. 2009

Neonatal Innate TLR-Mediated Responses Are Distinct from Those of Adults

The Journal of Immunology

Cherry N, Beach J, Burstyn I, Fan X, Guo N, Kapur N. 2009

Data linkage to estimate the extent and distribution of occupational disease: new onset adult asthma in Alberta, Canada

American Journal of Industrial Medicine

O'Byrne PM, van der Linde J, Cockcroft DW, Gauvreau GM, Brannan JD, FitzGerald JM, Watson RM, Milot J, Davis B, O?Connor M, Hart L, Korducki L, Hamilton J. 2009

Prolonged bronchoprotection against
inhaled methacholine by inhaled BI 1744, a long-acting β2-agonist, in mild asthmatics

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Slupsky CM, Rankin K, Fu H, Chang D, Rowe BH, Charles P, McGeer A, Low DE, Long R, Kunimoto D, Sawyer M, Fedorak RN, Adamko DJ, Saude E, Shah SL, Marrie TJ. 2009

Pneumococcal pneumonia: potential for diagnosis through a urinary metabolic profile

Journal of Proteome Research

Huang H, Lavoie-Lamoureux A, Lavoie JP, Marcoux M. 2009

Cholinergic stimulation attenuates the IL-4 induced expression of E-selectin and vascular endothelial growth factor by equine pulmonary artery endothelial cells

Veterinarian Immunology and Immunopathology

Blanchet MR, McNagny KM. 2009

Stem cells, inflammation and allergy

Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology

Liem JJ, Kozyrskyj AL, Cockcroft DW , Becker AB. 2008

Diagnosing asthma in children: What is the role for methacholine bronchoprovocation testing?

Pediatric Pulmonology

Weichenthal S, Dufresne A, Infante-Rivard C, Joseph L. 2008

Determinants of ultrafine particle exposures in transportation environments: Findings of an 8-month survey conducted in Montréal, Canada

Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology

Cyr MM, Baatjes AJ, Dorman SC, Crawford L, Sehmi R, Foley R, Alam R, O?Byrne P, Denburg JA. 2008

In vitro effects of budesonide on eosinophil-basophil lineage commitment

The Open Respiratory Medicine Journal

Singhera GK, MacRedmond R, Dorscheid DR. 2008

Interleukin-9 and -13 inhibit spontaneous and corticosteroid induced apoptosis of normal airway epithelial cells

Experimental Lung Research

Mathison R, Morris KE, Davison JS, Befus AD. 2008

Allergen-induced Inflammation

Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Allergy Agents in Medicinal Chemistry

Cope SF, Ungar WJ, Glazier RH. 2008

Socioeconomic factors and asthma control in children

Pediatric Pulmonology

Su R, Becker A, Kozyrskyj A, HayGlass K. 2008

Epigenetic regulation of established human type 1 versus type 2 cytokine responses

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Podder M, Ruan J, Tripp B, Chu ZE, Tebbutt SJ. 2008

Robust SNP genotyping by multiplex PCR and arrayed primer extension

BMC Medical Genomics

Allahverdian S, Harada N, Singhera GK, Knight DA, Dorscheid DR. 2008

Secretion of IL-13 by airway epithelial cells enhances epithelial repair via HB-EGF

American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology

Small CL, McCormick S, Gill N, Kugathasan K, Santosuosso M, Donaldson N, Heinrichs D, Ashkar A, Xing Z. 2008

NK cells play a critical protective role in host defense against acute extracellular S. aureus bacterial infection in the lung

The Journal of Immunology

Gauvreau GM, Boulet L-P, Cockcroft DW, Baatjes A, Cote J, Deschesnes F, Davis B, Strinich T, Howie K, Duong M, Watson RM, Renzi PM, O?Byrne, PM. 2008

Antisense therapy against CCR3 and the common beta chain attenuates allergen-induced eosinophilic responses in mild allergic asthmatics

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Ungar WJ, Kozyrskyj A, Paterson M, Ahmad F. 2008

Impact of cost-sharing on asthma medication use in children

Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Weichenthal S, Dufresne A, Infante-Rivard C, Joseph L. 2008

Characterizing and predicting ultrafine particle counts in Canadian classrooms during the winter months: model development and evaluation

Environmental Health

McDonald KL, Huq SI, Lix LM, Becker AB, Kozyrskyl AL. 2008

Delay in diptheria, pertussis, tetanus vaccination is associated with a reduced risk of childhood asthma

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Befus AD, Denburg JA. 2008

The mind-body of allergic diseases

Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology

Rifai Y, Elder AS, Carati CJ, Hussey DJ, Li X, Woods CM, Schloithe AC, Thomas AC, Mathison RD, Davison JS, Toouli J, Saccone GT. 2008

The tripeptide analog feG ameliorates severity of acute pancreatitis in a caerulein mouse model

American Journal of Physiology, Gastrointestinology, and Liver Physiology

Relave F, David F, Leclère M, Alexander K, Bussières G, Lavoie JP, Marcoux M. 2008

Evaluation of a thoracoscopic technique using ligating loops to obtain large lung biopsies in standing healthy and heaves-affected horses

Veterinarian Surgery

Ungar WJ, Paterson M, Cope S, Kozyrskyj A. 2008

Improving drug benefits for children with asthma: results of a multi-stakeholder workshop to build a research agenda

Healthcare Policy

Pole JD, Mustard C, To T, Beyene J, Allen AC. 2008

Antenatal steroid therapy and childhood asthma: Is there a possible link?

Medical Hypothesis

Lacy P, Eitzen G. 2008

Control of granule exocytosis in neutrophils

Frontiers in Bioscience

Mathison R, Christie E, Davison JS. 2008

The tripeptide feG inhibits leukocyte adhesion

Journal of Inflammation

Samuel J, Ries NM, Melkin D, Knoppers BM. 2008

Biobanks and Longitudinal Studies: Where are the Children


Ben-Shoshan M, Kagan R, Primeau M, Alizadehfar R, Verreault N, Yu J, Nicolas N, Joseph L, Turnbull E, Dufresne C, St. Pierre Y, Clarke AE. 2008

The availability of the epinephrine autoinjector at school in children with peanut allergy

Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Zavalkoff S, Kagan R, Joseph L, St. Pierre Y, Clarke AE. 2008

The value of sesame specific IgE in determining sesame allergy

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Jansen K, Blimkie D, Furlong J, Hajjar AM, Rein-Weston A, Crabtree J, Reikie B, Wilson CB, Kollmann TR. 2008

Polychromatic flow cytometric high-throughput assay to analyze the innate immune response to Toll-like receptor stimulation

Journal of Immunological Methods

Feng BS, Chen X, He SH, Zheng PY, Foster J, Xing Z, Bienenstock J, Yang PC. 2008

Disruption of T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain molecule (TIM)-1/TIM4 interaction as a therapeutic strategy in a dendritic cell-induced peanut allergy model

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Arck PC, Gilhar A, Bienenstock J, Paus R. 2008

The alchemy of immune privilege explored from a neuroimmunological perspective

Current Opinion in Pharmacology

Cope SF, Ungar WJ, Glazier RH. 2008

Socioeconomic factors and asthma control in children

Pediatric Pulmonology

Chan-Yeung M, Hegele RG, Dimich-Ward H, Ferguson A, Schulzer M, Chan H, Watson W, Becker AB. 2008

Early environmental determinants of asthma risk in a high risk birth cohort

Pediatric Allergy and Immunology

Chun Chan F, Kawas EA, Wilkinson MD, Tebbutt SJ. 2008

DataBiNS-Viz: a web-based tool for visualization of non-synonymous SNP data

Journal of Proteomics and Bioinformatics

Tremblay K, Daley D, Chamberland A, Lemire M, Montpetit A, Laviolette M, Musk AW, James AL, Yeung MC, Becker A, Kozyrskyj A, Sandford A, Hudson TJ, Paré P, Laprise C. 2008

Genetic variation in immune signaling genes differentially expressed in asthmatic lung tissues

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Duong M, Cockcroft D, Boulet L-P, Ahmed T, Iverson H, Atkinson D, Stahl E, Watson R, Davis B, Milo J, Gauvreau G, O?Byrne P. 2008

The effect of IVX-0142, a heparin-derived hypersulfated disaccharide, on the allergic airway responses in asthma


Lee JA, Spidlen J, Atwater S, Boyce K, Cai J, Crosbie N, Dalphin M, Furlong J, Gasparetto M, Goldberg M, Hyun B, Jansen K, Kollmann TR, et al. 2008

MIFlowCyt: The minimum information about a flow cytometry experiment

Cytometry Part A

Hackett TL, Shaheen F, Johnson A, Wadsworth S, Pechkovsky DV, Jacoby DB, Kicic A, Stick SM, Knight DA. 2008

Characterization of side population cells from human airway epithelium

Stem Cells

Mitchell T, Lo AN, Logan MR, Lacy P, Eitzen G. 2008

Primary granule exocytosis in human neutrophils is regulated by Rac-dependent actin remodeling

American Journal of Physiology and Cell Physiology

Tebbutt SJ, Ruan J. 2008

Combining multiple PCR primer pairs for each amplicon can improve SNP genotyping accuracy by reducing allelic drop-out


Bousquet J et al, including Denburg J, Boulet L-P, Lemiere C 2008

Allergic rhinitis and its impact on asthma (ARIA) 2008 (in collaboration with the World Health Organization, GA2LEN and AllerGen)


Morris KE, Kuo B, Wilkinson M, Davison JS, Befus AD, Mathison RD. 2007

Vcsa1 gene peptides for the treatment of inflammatory and allergic reactions

Recent Patents on Inflammation & Allergy Drug Discovery

Weichenthal S, Dufresne A, Infante-Rivard C. 2007

Indoor nitrogen dioxide and VOC exposures: Summary of evidence for an association with childhood asthma and a case for the inclusion of indoor ultrafine particle measures in future studies

Indoor and Built Environment

Fernandes R, Kusel M, Cyr M, Sehmi R, Holt K, Holt B, Kabadze T, Johnston SL, Sly P, Denburg JA, Holt P. 2007

Cord blood hemopoietic progenitor profiles predict acute respiratory symptoms in infancy

Pediatric Allergy and Immunology

Lee K, Hegele R, Manfreda J, Wooldrage K, Becker A, Ferguson A, Dimich-Ward H, Watson W, Chan-Yeung M. 2007

The Canadian Asthma Primary Prevention Study: the relationship between early childhood viral exposures to respiratory symptoms, onset of asthma and atopy in high risk children

Pediatric Pulmonology

Song Y, Kawas E, Good B, Wilkinson MD, Tebbutt SJ. 2007

DataBiNS: a BioMoby-based data-mining workflow for biological pathways and non-synonymous SNPs


Tebbutt S, James A, Paré PD. 2007

Single-nucleotide polymorphisms and lung disease: clinical implications


Bosse Y, Maghni K, Hudson T. 2007

1α,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D3 stimulation of bronchial smooth muscle cells induces autocrine, contractility and remodelling processes

Physiological Genomics

Kozyrskyj AL, Ernst P, Becker AB. 2007

Increased risk of childhood asthma from antibiotic use in early life


Dai JM, Kuo KH, Leo JM, Paré PD, van Breemen C, Lee CH. 2007

Acetylcholine-induced asynchronous calcium waves in intact human bronchial muscle bundle

American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology

Liem J, Kozyrskyj A, Becker A. 2007

The risk of developing food allergy in premature/low birth weight children

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Bégin P, Tremblay K, Daley D, Lemire M, Claveau S, Salesse C, Kacel S, Montpetit A, Becker A, Chan-Yeung M, Kozyrskyj AL, Hudson TJ, Laprise C. 2007

Association of urokinase-type plasminogen activator with asthma and atopy

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Ma Y, HayGlass KT, Becker AB, Halayko AJ, Basu S, Simons FE, Peng Z. 2007

Novel cytokine peptide-based vaccines: an Interleukin-4 vaccine suppresses airway allergic responses in mice


Ma Y, HayGlass KT, Becker AB, Fan Y, Yang X, Basu S, Srinivasan G, Simons FE, Halayko AJ, Peng Z. 2007

Novel recombinant IL-13 peptide-based vaccine reduces airway allergic inflammatory responses in mice

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Sun J, Arias K, Alvarez D, Waserman S, et al. 2007

Impact of CD40 Ligand, B Cells, and Mast Cells in Peanut-Induced Anaphylactic Responses

The Journal of Immunology

Mai XM, Becker AB, Sellers EC, Liem JJ, Kozyrskyj AL. 2007

Infrequent milk consumption plus being overweight may have greater risk for asthma in girls


Roa JA, Morikawi H, Crawford L, Baatjes A. 2007

The effects of montelukast on tissue inflammatory and bone marrow responses in murine experimental allergic rhinitis: interaction with interleukin-5 deficiency


Tebbutt SJ. 2007

Genotyping of single nucleotide polymorphisms by arrayed primer extension

Methods in Molecular Biology

Liem, JJ, Kozyrskyj AL, Becker AB Huq SI, Okechukwu E. 2007

Transient tachypnea of the newborn and the development of a wheezing syndrome

The Journal of Pediatrics

Kelly MM, Brown GD, McNagny, KM, Williams, DL, Van Rooijen N, Maxwell L, Gwozd C, Mody CH, Kubes P. 2007

The lung responds to zymosan in a unique manner independent of Toll-like receptors, complement, and dectin-1

American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology

Lissitsyn Y, Becker AB, HayGlass K, Kozyrskyj A. 2007

Level of toll-like receptor agonist exposure differentially determines chemokine production in humans

Canadian Journal of Physiological Pharmacology

Blanchet MR, Maltby S, Haddon DJ, Merkens H, Zbytnuik L and McNagny KM. 2007

CD34 facilitates the development of allergic asthma


Liem J, Kozyrskyj AL, Benoit CM, Becker AB. 2007

Asthma is not enough: Continuation of smoking among parents with an asthmatic child

Canadian Respiratory Journal

Mai XM, Kozyrskyj AL, Sellers EAC, Liem JJ, Becker AB. 2007

The relationship of breast-feeding, overweight, and asthma in pre-adolescents

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Polisena J, Tam S, Lodha A, Laporte A, Coyte PC, Ungar WJ. 2007

An economic evaluation of asthma action plans for children with asthma.

Journal of Asthma

Dell SD, Foty R, Becker AB, Franssen E, Chapman, K. 2007

Parent-reported symptoms may not be adequate to define asthma control in children

Pediatric Pulmonology

Denburg JA, Fernandes R, Ellis AK, Cyr M, Crawford L, Kusel M, Holt K,Holt B, Kebadze T, Johnston SL, Sly P, Prescott S, Holt PG. 2007

Eosinophil progenitors at birth: intimations of future atopy and inflammation

Allergy & Clinical Immunology International – Journal of the World Allergy Organization

Caulfield T. 2007

Biobanks and Blanket Consent: The Proper Place of the Public Perception and public Good Rationales

18 King’s Law Journal

Ries NM. 2007

Growing Up as a Research Subject: Ethical and Legal Issues in Birth Cohort Studies Involving Genetic Research

Health Law Journal

Boulet LP , Prince P , Turcotte H , Lemière C, Olivenstein R, Laprise C, Larivee P , Bégin P, Laviolette M. 2006

Clinical features and airway inflammation in mild asthma versus asymptomatic airway hyperresponsiveness

Respiratory Medicine

Fiset P, Tulic M, PS Skrablin, SR Grover, S Letuve, Mazer BD, Hamid Q. 2006

Signal transducer and activator of transcription 6 down-regulates toll-like receptor-4 expression of a monocytic cell line

Clinical & Experimental Allergy

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