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Yurist-Dousch S, Arrieta MC, Tupin A, Valdez Y, Antunes LC, Yen R, Finlay BB 2016

Nutrient Deprivation Affects Salmonella Invasion and Its Interaction with the Gastrointestinal Microbiota


Ehteshami-Afshar S, FitzGerald JM, Carlsten C, Tavakoli H, Rousseau R, Tan WC, Rolf JD, Sadatsafavi M. 2016

The impact of comorbidities on productivity loss in asthma patients

Respiratory Research

Wong A, Tavakoli H, Sadatsafavi M, Carlsten C, FitzGerald JM. 2016

Asthma control and productivity loss in those with work-related asthma: a population-based study. 5:0.

Journal of Asthma

Adamko DJ, Saude E, Bear M, Regush S, Robinson J. 2016

Urine metabolomic profiling of children with respiratory tract infections in the emergency department: a pilot study

BMC Infectious Diseases

Dixon J, Elliott SJ, Clarke AE 2016

Exploring knowledge-user experiences in integrated knowledge translation: A biomedical investigation of the causes and consequences of food allergy

BMC Research Involvement and Engagement

Blais CM, Davis BE, Cockcroft DW. 2016

Duration of bronchoprotection of the long-acting muscarinic antagonists tiotropium & glycopyrronium against methacholine-induced bronchoconstriction in mild asthmatics

Respiratory Medicine

Karaskova P, Venier M, Melymuk L, Becanova J, Vojta S, Prokes R, Diamond ML, Klanova J 2016

Perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFASs) in household dust in Central Europe and North America

Environment International

de Souza RJ, Zulyniak MA, Desai D, Shaikh MR, Campbell NC, Lefebvre DL, Gupta M, Wilson J, Wahi G, Atkinson SA, Teo KK, Subbarao P, Becker AB, Mandhane PJ, Turvey SE, Sears MR, Anand SS for the NutriGen Alliance Investigators 2016

Harmonization of Food-Frequency Questionnaires and Dietary Pattern Analysis in 4 Ethnically Diverse Birth Cohorts

The Journal of Nutrition

Sadatsafavi M, Tavakoli H, Lynd L, FitzGerald JM 2016

Has asthma medication use caught up with the evidence? A 12-year population-based study of trends


Batool T, Reece PL, Schulze KM, Morrison KM, Atkinson SA, Anand SS, Teo KK, Denburg JA, Cyr MM, FAMILY Study investigators 2016

Prenatal and early-life predictors of atopy and allergic disease in Canadian children: results of the Family Artherosclerosis Monitoring in earLY life (FAMILY) Study

Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease

Wang H, Chen R, Xie J, Zhang Q, Deng Y, Zeng Q, Zhu Z, Ding M, Lai Z, Kolb M, O'Byrne P, Chen R, Zhong N. 2016

A 43-year-old man with cough, expectoration and recurrent wheezing

Journal of Thoracic Disease

Poureslami I, Shum J, Nimmon L, FitzGerald JM. 2016

Culturally Specific Evaluation of Inhaler Techniques in Asthma

Respiratory Care

Chen W, Lynd LD, FitzGerald JM, Marra CA, Balshaw R, To T, Tavakoli H, Sadatsafavi M. Canadian Respiratory Research Network. 2016

Excess medical costs in patients with asthma and the role of comorbidity.

European Respiratory Journal

Il YJ, Okeme O, Liu H, Diamond M, Zhu JP 2016

Fixation of XAD-4 power on filter paper using methyl cellulose for the passive air sampling of semi-volatile organic compounds in indoor air

International Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Kerstjens HAM, O'Byrne PM 2016

Tiotropium for the treatment of asthma: a drug safety evaluation

Expert Opinion on Drug Safety

Hörnig F, Kohajda T, Röder S, Herberth G, von Bergen M, Borte M, Diez U, Rolle-Kampczyk U, Simon JC, Denburg JA, Lehmann I, Junge KM. 2016

The LINA study: higher sensitivity of infant compared to maternal eosinophil/basophil progenitors to indoor chemical exposures.

Journal of Environmental Public Health

Mitchell PD, O'Byrne PM 2016

Surfactant protein-D and asthma


Nair P, O'Byrne PM 2016

Measuring Eosinophils to Make Treatment Decisions in Asthma


FitzGerald JM, Bleecker ER, Nair P, Korn S, Ohta K, Lommatzsch M, Ferguson GT, Busse WW, Barker P, Sproule S, Gilmartin G, Werkstrom V, Aurivillius M, Goldman M; CALIMA study investigators 2016

Benralizumab, an anti-interleukin-5 receptor α monoclonal antibody, as add-on treatment for patients with severe, uncontrolled, eosinophilic asthma (CALIMA): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 3 trial

The Lancet

O'Byrne PM, Metev H, Puu M, Richter K, Keen C, Uddin M, Larsson B, Cullberg M, Nair P. 2016

Efficacy and safety of a CXCR2 antagonist, AZD5069, in patients with uncontrolled persistent asthma: a randomised trial

The Lancet Respiratory Medicine