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Ontogeny and genetic polymorphisms of the innate immune system intersecting in asthma (Success Stories profile)

2007 - 2009

Kollmann, Tobias; Turvey, Stuart

Pan-Canadian study of gene-environment interactions in the etiology of occupational asthma

2007 - 2009

Beach, Jeremy; Burstyn, Igor; Cherry, Nicola

Parental preferences for asthma control in children

2008 - 2010

Dell, Sharon; FitzGerald, Mark; Lynd, Larry; Ungar, Wendy

Perinatal stress and programming of allergic responses

2007 - 2009

Arck, Petra; Bienenstock, John; Forsythe, Paul; Heinrich, Joachim; Inman, Mark; Pincus, Maike; Wahn, Ulrich

Pharmacogenetics & Genetic Testing 3D graphical animation tool     

2007 - 2009

Anderson, Beth; Levinson, Anthony; Tebbutt, Scott; Ungar, Wendy

Phthalate Exposure in Canadian Children during the First Three Years of Life

2011 - 2014

Takaro, Timothy; Wheeler, Amanda

Postpartum Distress and Childhood Asthma: The Genetics, and the Social and Ethical Impacts of this Genetic Association

2007 - 2009

Austin, Jehannine; Becker, Allan; Daley, Denise; Kozyrskyj, Anita; Letourneau, Nicole; Sherwin, Susan

Predicting Peanut Allergy (Success Stories profile)

2005 - 2006

Clarke, Ann; HayGlass, Kent; Jordana, Manel; Simons, Estelle; Waserman, Susan

Preventing Severe reactions – Preclinical Studies

2012 - 2016

Befus, Dean; Cockcroft, Don; Davis, Beth; Gordon, John; Jordana, Manel

Promoting Health Equity for Vulnerable Populations affected by Asthma and Allergies

2012 - 2016

Avery Kinew, Kathy; Byrtus, Lilly; Castleden, Heather; Clement, Connie; Connors, Cheryl; Hanvey, Louise; Kilgannon, Bill Moore; King, Malcolm; Kolkman, John; Latycheva, Oxana; Letourneau, Nicole; Levinson, Anthony; Masuda, Jeffrey; McGhan, Shawna; McNeill, Mary; Reidel, Judy; See Toh, Florence; Sigurdson, Lori; Starr, Leona; Stewart, Lesley; Stewart, Miriam; To, Teresa

Proposed Severe Asthma Network

2007 - 2009

Vethanayagam, Dilini

Mini-CHILD: Psycho-social Assessment and Epigenetics

2007 - 2009

Chen, Edith; Miller, Greg

Rapid Environmental Effects on Genes: The Lens of Epigenetics (REEGLE) (Success Stories profile; Annual Report story: Pan-Canadian team explores the epigenetics of allergic disease)

2012 - 2016

Baccarelli, Andrea; Brauer, Michael; Brook, Jeff; Carlsten, Chris; Ellis, Anne; Kobor, Michael; Kollmann, Tobias; Miller, Greg; Silverman, Frances; Takaro, Timothy; Turvey, Stuart

Regulation of lung mucosal immune responses by heterologous exposure to multiple infectious and allergic agents

2006 - 2009

Brown, Earl; Coyle, Anthony; Gauldie, Jack; Hogaboam, Cory; Inman, Mark; Jordana, Manel; Stampfli, Martin; Xing, Zhou

Respiratory health awareness community outreach and engagement of First Nations community in Alberta: Pilot Intervention (Annual Report story: Engaging Aboriginal families affected by asthma and allergies)

2011 - 2013

Stewart, Miriam

Respiratory syncytial virus in the development of infant wheezing disorders: a bench to bedside approach to gene-virus interactions

2009 - 2012

Daley, Denise; Hegele, Richard; McKerlie, Colin; Moraes, Theo; Richardson, Susan; Sandford, Andrew; Subbarao, Padmaja; Tang, Patrick; Turvey, Stuart

Role of fibrocytes as biomarkers of airway remodelling in asthma: A proof of concept

2010 - 2012

Boulet, Louis-Philippe; Chakir, Jamila

Role of mast cells and eosinophils in allergic inflammationand fibrosis of the lung

2006 - 2009

Kelly, Margaret; Kubes, Paul; McNagny, Kelly; Mody, Chris

Shared Decision in Asthma Management: A Strategy to Improve Asthma Control

2010 - 2012

Becker, Allan; Befus, Dean; Bhutani, Mohit; Boulet, Louis-Philippe; Légaré, France; Mayers, Irvin; McGhan, Shawna

SPAACE Surveying Prevalence of food Allergies in All Canadian Environments

Success Stories article
2009 - 2012

Allen, Mary; Clarke, Ann; Dubois, Sheila; Dubord, Diane; Elliott, Susan; Godefroy, Samuel; Harada, Laurie; Joseph, Lawrence; Salminen, John; Sicherer, Scott; Wilson, Kathi