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This database lists all project participants: AllerGen Investigators as well as project collaborators.

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Wilson-McManus, Janet



Functional genomic and proteomic changes in response to nasal allergen challenge and following peptide immunotherapy treatment of the same: A partnership with the Allergic-Rhinitis Clinical Investigator Collaborative (AR-CIC) and industry

Wilson, Kathi


University of Toronto Medical Geography

SPAACE Surveying Prevalence of food Allergies in All Canadian Environments ——- Surveying the Prevalence of food Allergy in All Canadian Environments -Trends Over Time (SPAACE to SPAACE)

Wilton, Pamela


St. Joseph's Healthcare

Development of an Evidence-based Certified Allergy Educator Program

Wong, Charles


University of Winnipeg Chemistry; Environmental Toxicology

The Canadian Asthma Primary Prevention Study: home environment at the 14-year assessment

Wynne-Edwards, Katherine


University of Calgary glucocorticoids

Allergy-Brain Connection (ABC) Research Team

Xing, Zhou


McMaster University Pathology & Molecular Medicine, Infectious Diseases

Regulation of lung mucosal immune responses by heterologous exposure to multiple infectious and allergic agents

Yatscoff, Randy


TEC Edmonton

Commercialization of a Metabolomic-Based Diagnostic for Asthma

Zamar, Ruben


University of British Columbia Statistics

Development of a Microarray Genotyping Chip for Clinical Trials ——- Mini-CHILD: AllerChip – Development, Validation and Implementation of a Microarray Genotyping Tool for Allergy and Asthma Research

Zamel, Noe


Mount Sinai Hospital Respirology

Environmental Affects on Allergic Airway Disease

Zhu, Jiping


Health Canada

Better Exposure Avoidance Measures (BEAM) and New Environmental Sensor Tool Development