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Pet exposure during early life affects infant gut microbiota

(7 April 2017)



Over half of Canadian alternative medicine clinics offer unproven allergy/asthma services, new AllerGen study finds

(20 December 2016)

AllerGen awards $250,000 for advanced allergy research

(5 December 2016)

New U of S Immunotherapy Technique Holds Promise for Curing Food Allergies

(26 October 2016)

Dr. Judah Denburg appointed as Canadian Academy of Health Sciences Fellow

(16 September 2016)

Rare immune cells key to fibrosis in Crohn’s disease

(2 September 2016)

UAlberta study shows infants do better on developmental tests when their mothers consume more fruit during pregnancy

(25 May 2016)

Consumption of artificially sweetened beverages in pregnancy influences infant BMI

(9 May 2016)

Asthma Society of Canada Announces 3rd Recipient of the Bastable-Potts Asthma Research Award

(6 May 2016)

CHILD Study researchers to study environment’s impact on chronic diseases

(2 May 2016)

Increasing cases of anaphylaxis among children | Les cas d’anaphylaxie connaîtraient une hausse chez les enfants

(21 April 2016)

New research links infant wheezing to long-term health

(8 February 2016)



Government of Canada confirms funding for world-class allergy, genes and environment research to 2019

(17 November 2015)

New estimates of food allergy prevalence in Canada

(29 October 2015)

Antibiotic use during birth affects infant gut microbiota

(13 October 2015)

Four gut bacteria decrease asthma risk in first 100 days of life

(30 September 2015)

Dr. Paul O’Byrne inducted as Fellow of CAHS

(21 September 2015)

PanAm visitors can monitor their air pollution exposure

(14 July 2015)

Asthma Society of Canada announces “Clearing the Air” award for leadership in health research

(12 May 2015)

Environmental-exposures study tracks more than 3,200 Canadian babies

(5 May 2015)

Exposure to air pollution in the first year of life increases risk for allergies

(4 May 2015)

Infant gut bacteria and food sensitization: associations in the first year of life

(4 March 2015)



AllerGen awards $250,000 for advanced allergy research | AllerGen accorde 250 000 $ à la recherche avancée sur les allergies

(2 October 2014)

AllerGen launches first globally-accessible allergy and asthma molecular network database

(30 September 2014)

National study finds fewer food allergies among new immigrants and Canadians with low education

(9 September 2014)

Early-life shifts in gut microbes can increase susceptibility to inflammatory lung disease

(18 August 2014)

CIC investigators test new drug for allergic asthma

(03 July 2014)

AllerGen-Stanford collaboration advances food allergy research

(17 June 2014)

Hamilton Researchers Discover New Potential Antibody Treatment for Asthma

(20 May 2014)

Dr. Michael Brauer Receives the Inaugural Bastable-Potts Asthma Research Prize from the Asthma Society of Canada

(8 May 2014)



Allergy and asthma researchers receive prestigious Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

(24 Sept 2013)

AllerGen researchers find infant gut bacteria is influenced by delivery and feeding methods and may have long-term health effects

(11 Feb 2013)

AllerGen Awards $250,000 Emerging Clinician-Scientist Research Fellowship Award

(8 Jan 2013)



AllerGen Investigator’s Environmental Research Featured in CBC’s Marketplace episode Burned

(30 Nov 2012)

World Allergy Organization calls for integrated approaches to patient care as the global burden of allergic diseases and asthma continues to rise to epidemic proportions

(16 Apr 2012)

AllerGen NCE Receives $36.5 million for Allergy, Genes and Environment Research to 2019

(23 Mar 2012)



Innovative online anaphylaxis course receives national training awards

(11 Nov 2011)

AllerGen Announces $250,000 Emerging Clinician-Scientist Research Fellowship Award Winner

(11 Apr 2011)

Canadian and International Researchers uncover causes of peanut allergy

(11 Mar 2011)

Nunavut population may provide additional clues to understanding environment-health link

(4 Mar 2011)

AllerGen-funded research findings inform government decision to update Canadian food labelling regulations

(25 Feb 2011)



Financial barriers may be increasing the number of visits to the emergency room 
for kids with asthma Canadian study is the first to identify how challenges related to medication costs affect asthma control in children

(2 Dec 2010)

Across the World Today, People are Making Every Breath Count

(14 Oct 2010)

AllerGen-Funded Researchers Part of Team to Complete Most Comprehensive Genetic Study of Asthma to Date

(22 Sept 2010)

Leading Canadian Allergy Experts Reveal Plan to Better Understand Anaphylaxis

(20 Sept 2010)

Breakthrough Canadian Allergy Prevalence Data Published

(19 July 2010)



AllerGen and partners award $153,850 for Research Fellowships that promote allergic and immune disease research

(4 Aug 2009)

AllerGen awards $11 million to fund asthma and allergy research

(30 July 2009)



Government of Canada and AllerGen NCE Inc. Invest $12 Million to Improve the Health of Children Suffering from Asthma and Allergies

(6 June 2008)



AllerGen and international partners join forces to fight allergic disease epidemic

(25 May 2007)