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Most recent release: 20/09/2018

past releases

20/09/2018: Study sheds light on how the immune system “remembers” food allergens

18/09/2018: AllerGen researchers launch food allergy app for youth | Stuart Turvey honoured

17/09/2018: Household cleaners may cause obesity in young children

14/09/2018: 2019 Research Conference: Register soon

11/09/2018: Reminder: MHMA deadline

07/09/2018: Epinephrine underused during anaphylaxis outside of hospital

28/08/2018: Instagram promotes positive attitudes towards breastfeeding

22/08/2018: UPDATE: Michelle Harkness Mentorship Award

22/08/2018: Remembering Michelle Harkness, one year later

07/08/2018: CHILD Study: Maternal depression higher among certain ethnic minorities

02/08/2018: CHILD research finds Lung Clearance Index effective at detecting infant lung problems

31/07/2018: Remembering Michelle Harkness, one year later

09/07/2018: CHILD Study finds infants who sleep less may have lower cognitive and language skills by age two

03/07/2018: Breastmilk sugars known as HMOs may help prevent food allergies

12/06/2018: ReAction June 2018

04/06/2018: Infant feeding method influences baby’s gut bacteria, risk of overweight

16/05/2018: Call for Applications: Graduate Student Research Awards

14/05/2018: Call for Abstracts: CSACI-AllerGen Abstract Competition

01/05/2018: Deep, Single-Cell Profiling by Mass Cytometry (CyTOF) Webinar

25/04/2018: Chatelaine shares CHILD food allergy research results

25/04/2018: Call for Applications: Michelle Harkness Mentorship Award (MHMA)

22/03/2018: Call for Applications: AllerGen – CAAIF Emerging Clinician-Scientist Research Fellowship

22/03/2018: Pushing Data Uphill: Overcoming Barriers to Large-scale Biomedical Data Use Webinar

20/03/2018: Blood test to predict asthmatic response; mother’s distress & her baby’s allergy risk

07/03/2018: Exclusive breastfeeding in hospital associated with longer breastfeeding duration

27/02/2018: Graduate Student Research Awards fund innovative asthma research

26/02/2018: NCE funding outcome

22/02/2018: C-sections and gut bacteria increase risk of childhood obesity

12/02/2018:Undergraduate Summer Studentships Application

07/02/2018: Bioinformatics for Discovery & Global Collaborations Webinar

31/01/2018: AllerGen’s 12th Trainee Symposium

26/01/2018: AllerGen’s 2019 Research Conference

23/01/2018: CHILD Study awarded over $9M

22/01/2018: inFLAME 7th Annual Workshop

02/01/2018: Drug allergies mistreated and undiagnosed: new study

22/12/2017: AllerGen investigators contribute to asthma genetics discovery

19/12/2017: Microbial “signatures” in first 100 days of life may protect against asthma

13/12/2017: AllerGen’s first digital annual report

11/12/2017: C-CARE: Anaphylactic kids exposed to food allergens despite adult supervision

05/12/2017: New fellowship & grant opportunities from CAAIF

27/11/2017: Asthma in infant boys may eventually be preventable

15/11/2017: Asthma predictable at age one and stress in pregnancy may affect a baby’s immune system

30/10/2017: Asthma risk lower with direct breastfeeding

11/10/2017: New genetic clue to peanut allergy

2/10/2017: CIC-tested a “game-changing, blockbuster” asthma drug

21/09/2017: Breastmilk hormones may help prevent obesity in infants

12/09/2017: Protecting against peanut allergy in children

07/09/2017: The Asthma Canada/AllerGen Graduate Student Research Award deadline

05/09/2017: A short introduction to CANUE (Webinar)

25/08/2017: Remembering Michelle Harkness

24/08/2017: Canadian allergists/immunologists comment on recent Australian oral immunotherapy study

21/08/2017: ReAction August 2017

02/08/2017: Asthma Canada and AllerGen partnered to co-fund graduate student research awards

31/07/2017: The CHILD Study website

09/05/2017: ReAction May 2017

16/09/2016: Dr. Judah Denburg appointed as Canadian Academy of Health Sciences Fellow

13/09/2016: Online voting for the 2016 AllerGen HQP Video Competition opens

02/09/2016: Researchers find possible key to fibrosis in mouse model of Crohn’s disease

25/08/2016: Reminder for the CSACI Annual Scientific Meeting in Montréal

09/08/2016: AllerGen experts cited in Globe story, “Let them eat dirt” book, and new federal report on food allergy

04/08/2016: Airways August 2016

14/07/2016: Director of AllerGen’s CHILD Study awarded J. Allyn Taylor International Prize in Medicine

30/06/2016: ReAction June 2016

08/06/2016: Success Stories Spring 2016

25/05/2016: Prenatal fruit consumption boosts babies’ cognitive development: CHILD Study data

09/05/2016: Diet soft drinks during pregnancy affect infant BMI, Dr. Param Nair awarded 2016 Bastable-Potts Research Prize

02/05/2016: Three CHILD-related projects awarded CIHR grants

22/04/2016: Tim Caulfield wins 2015 Science in Society Book Award

21/04/2016: Anaphylaxis cases increasing among children: C-CARE

20/04/2016: CIHR highlights gut bacteria research in new online feature

11/04/2016: Planning for Policy Impact (Webinar Reminder)

29/03/2016: Planning for Policy Impact (Webinar Reminder)

22/03/2016ReAction March 2016

16/03/2016: Preliminary Program for AllerGen’s 2016 Research Conference

09/03/2016: Experiences of a Scientific Entrepreneur (Webinar Reminder)

09/03/2016: New Chair appointed to AllerGen’s AETOAC Committee

22/02/2016: Experiences of a Scientific Entrepreneur (Webinar)

11/02/2016: AllerGen 2016 Research Conference deadlines

08/02/2016: Early childhood wheezing increases teen asthma risk

27/01/2016: How to Attract Research Investment Partners (Webinar)

15/01/2016: CHILD video wins first place in CIHR contest

07/01/2016: Microbiome seeding begins in the womb

16/12/2015: Airways December 2015

11/12/2015: Head of AllerGen’s CIC named new Dean of McMaster’s Faculty of Health Sciences

09/12/2015: Best wishes for the 2015 Holiday Season

02/12/2015: 2014-2015 Annual Report now available

19/11/2015: ReAction November 2015

17/11/2015: NCE confirms AllerGen funding to 2019

03/11/2015: CIHR announces launch of two key annual funding opportunities

29/10/2015: New estimates of food allergy prevalence in Canada, Allerject® epinephrine autoinjector recall

15/10/2015: Enhance the Sustainability and Impact of your Research (Webinar)

13/10/2015: Use of antibiotics during childbirth affects infant gut microbiota

30/09/2015: Link discovered between infant gut bacteria and asthma

21/09/2015: Dr. Paul O’Byrne inducted as Fellow of CAHS

11/08/2015: ReAction August 2015

10/07/2015: AllerGen team launches air quality website for PanAm Games

09/07/2015: Introducing the CHILD Study whiteboard video

28/05/2015: ReAction May 2015

27/05/2015: Airways May 2015

22/05/2015: AllerGen HQP Video Competition Results

07/05/2015: CHILD Study shows infant exposure to air pollution increases risk for allergies

01/05/2015: AllerGen HQP research video voting

23/04/2015: Scientific Director speaks at UBC Biomedical Research Centre

14/04/2015: AllerGen Investigators Awarded Canada Research Chairs

06/04/2015: AllerGen’s 2016 Research Conference

01/04/2015: Assessing environmental exposures: a new CHILD Study publication

24/03/2015: Genetic and epigenetic epidemiology findings (Seminar/Webinar)

04/03/2015: Infant gut bacteria and food sensitization: associations in the first year of life

24/02/2015: When is the best time to introduce peanuts?

20/02/2015: CIHR highlights Traffic pollution, Asthma and Genetics (TAG) study

22/12/2014: HQP Video Competition

19/12/2014: SyMBIOTA team wins publication award for paper’s relevance to clinical practice

05/12/2014: $25,000 CAAIF grant supports allergy and immunology research

27/11/2014: NCE Newsletter highlights CHILD Study

05/11/2014: 2013–2014 Annual Report

24/10/2014: AllerGen’s Tim Caulfield on CBC’s Marketplace tonight

03/10/2014: AllerGen awards $250,000 for advanced allergy research

09/09/2014: Fewer food allergies among new immigrants and Canadians with low education

03/09/2014: 2014-2015 ASNPN Leadership Committee

18/08/2014: AllerGen researchers publish papers on early-life antibiotic exposure, gut microbe changes and health outcomes

23/07/2014: CHILD research team awarded five-year CIHR grant

24/06/2014: Press teleconference with Meghan Azad and Anita Kozyrskyj on upcoming Nobel Laureate Meeting

13/06/2014: CHILD Study news to reach 700,000 through Toronto Star

20/05/2014: CIC investigators publish new findings for allergic asthma

08/05/2014: Announcements about Network researchers and partners