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Crowdfunding for a cure, spreading false hopes: U of A health professor raises alarm

CBC, 10-January-2019

Featured researcher: T. Caulfield


Two researchers fashion a tapestry of GoFundMe desperation

National Post, 9-January-2019

Featured researcher: T. Caulfield


Fumes from cooking fish blamed in U.S. boy’s death, but doctors say such allergic reactions are rare

Global, 8-January-2019

Featured researchers: M. Ben-Shoshan, E. Chan


Crowdfunding is financing and promoting ‘worst-of-the-worst’ bogus cancer therapies: study

London Free Press, 6-January-2019

Featured researcher: T. Caulfield


19% Of Adults Think They Have Food Allergies, How Many Really Do?

Forbes, 4-January-2019

Featured researcher: T. Caulfield


Boy’s death brings awareness to fish allergies

KGUN (ABC), 4-January-2019

Featured researcher: M. Ben-Shoshan


In an era of misinformation, alternative medicine needs to be regulated

Globe & Mail, 4-January-2019

Featured researcher: T. Caulfield


Q&A with Dr. Brett Finlay, Co-Author of The Whole-Body Microbiome

UBC, 2-January-2019

Featured researcher: B. Finlay